Making A Music Video With No Budget

Against all chances, my band the blurts just completed shooting and editing a music video which was developed, shot and edited in simply over two weeks– including knowing and taping the tune. The concept was hatched while I watched the last episode of “Breaking Bad,” and despite the fact I have no additional time in my life I was simply totally taken with this crazy vision (yes I had a couple beers in me) so I chose it deserved pestering my bandmates to agree to do it in a remarkably short time frame. Somehow, we did it. Behold.

Besides sharing the final result with you, I figured I ‘d use a few lessons learned as well. There’s no magic simple formula for doing a music video, but it’s certainly possible to do a good job with very little resources. And much like having an infant, there’s no “good time” to do a video. Forget awaiting some magic moment when you and your band mates have a few complimentary weeks lying around. Don’t deceive yourselves! Rather, if doing a video is something you’ve been wanting to do, just prepare with a little bit of planning and dive in. I hope these ideas help get you over the hump.
The best ways to Make Your No-Budget Video:

Cozy up to a videographer. My partner Turtle O’Toole is an electronic camera operator and utilized to do a great deal of video editing, so he was our man. Just like lots of innovative jobs, knowing somebody who has the technical know-how is important to getting it done. You do not have to be wed to a videographer, however it actually assists to have a buddy who knows ways to do video because the majority of bands don’t have the budget plan to work with a video production business, even a budget-rate company. This shit is costly, and for good factor. Even a tiny production takes a LOT of work.
It’s awkward and mind-blowing for me to understand that through all the hacky video jobs I’ve done over the years, this is the very first time I actually took this action seriously. Damn, what was I thinking?!? Drawing out each shot that we pictured in the video made shooting loads more efficient, AND made the modifying procedure method more easy and mechanical. Do not, I repeat DO NOT make the mistake of simply going out and shooting a lot of cool/weird/arty video and believe it’ll all come together throughout modifying.
The structure of your tune can go a long method in structuring your video. A few things about doing a music video made this less frustrating: For one thing, songs aren’t that long. In this video it generally worked out to a brand-new place per verse or bridge.

Include enough to keep it interesting, however not a lot that your video is manic. Avoid storylines that need rational progression or resolution. Just altering areas is a simple method to include visual variety. Mix up your shots: Include some broad shots, some medium shots, and some close-ups. If you can develop an overarching concept, great. Simply keep in mind to keep it easy. Our original principle of our band members all aiming to eliminate each other changed into actual killing scenes, and we did stress a bit whether we were getting too complicated. We just ensured with our storyboards to keep these scenes super easy and I believe they worked out pretty well. You be the judge.

Turtle and I now chuckle about the occurrence some 14 years earlier when he was editing a task for the millionth day with me over his shoulder, in full project-binge mode– and suddenly the project was gone from the difficult drive. After about half an hour of him frantically attempting to discover it I snapped and hurled a styrofoam cup full of coke throughout the room. He discovered it and I felt really silly.

Making A Music Video With No Budget

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