1960’s Rock N’ Roll

The 60’s are undoubtedly one of the most important ages in rock n’ roll history. Had it not been for that decade, some of the world’s most renowned groups such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, and The Beach Boys may not be the household names they are today.

A phenomenon occurred in the early 1960’s known as The British Invasion. On February 7th, 1964, The Beatles flew from the United Kingdom and landed in America at the JFK airport in New York where they were greeted by an approximated 3,000 fans. 2 days later on, the band offered their launching tv performance on The Ed Sullivan Show and were watched by an approximated 73 million audiences. The Beatles were an experience in America; it was something that had not been experienced before in music, especially not from a band from over seas. The 4 piece band from the UK took America and the rest of the world by storm throughout this time period.

The next biggest group that came out of The British Intrusion were from London, England and called themselves The Rolling Stones. This band contributed in making blues a major part of rock n’ roll music. While The Beatles were taken a look at as more of a pop sensation, The Rolling Stones were seen as a grittier rock group. Both groups, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, have actually produced timeless music and timeless hits that will never be forgotten.

Another exceptionally crucial band that must be mentioned when talking about The British Intrusion of the 1960’s is The Yardbirds. This group went through a good deal of lineup changes throughout the years and these lineup modifications resulted in the band having three various renowned guitar legends play with them. These three guitar players were Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page. Had it not been for The Yardbirds, these three infamous guitar players may have never been introduced to the world and reached the level of fame that they have.

In California, another group understood as The Beach Boys were making history and producing timeless classics. Surprisingly, the track doesn’t follow a familiar structure like AABA which was utilized on the bulk of The Beatles hits, or the standard verse, chorus, verse structure that The Rolling Stones often utilized.

Bob Dylan is another American artist that began his career in the 60’s that needs to be discussed. His hit “Like A Rolling Stone” was called # 1 Song Of All Time by Wanderer Publication. Dylan’s design has affects from folk, rock, and blues, fused into his own mixture. John Lennon from The Beatles has actually confessed on numerous events that Dylan was a major impact on Lennon’s writing style and had it not been for Dylan a number of The Beatles greatest hits wouldn’t exist.

There are lots of, many more artists and bands that had significant influence on the 1960’s besides the choose few pointed out here. As stated in the past, this years was one of the most important in sculpting the category of rock n’ roll and it is certainly worth it for people to do their own research on this time period and how it changed music.

1960’s Rock N’ Roll

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